6 Tips for Developing your Child’s Sense of Self-Esteem

6 Tips for Developing your Child’s Sense of Self-Esteem

We all want confident children. We all want children who have a good sense of their capabilities. We all want to develop our children so that they can adapt to anything that they would be encountering on a daily basis. We want them to be able to cope with whatever stress they might feel daily. We want our kids to be able to relate to other people easily. And do you know what these aspirations have in common? They all boil down to how we develop our children’s self-esteem – their confidence in themselves and how they would carry on their lives – even if we are not around.

We must keep in mind that developing our children’s self-esteem is a pretty delicate matter. They are, after all, fragile individuals at first but as they grow older, they become strong like trees, bending to the circumstances but not giving up.

So here are the 6 tips and pointers to remember in order to develop their sense of self-worth:

  1. Let them experience.

They say and we know that experience is the best teacher. Do not let your child be very dependent on you for everything. Let them experience how it is to do things. Let them falter, let them get knocked down once in a while, let them stumble because in these cases do they get to learn what to avoid, what to do and what not to do. These things are building blocks – these can even be called teachable moments. Turn these things into positive things and you’re good.

         2. Let them choose.

Giving them enough options to choose from gives them the chance to feel empowered. And we, in turn, have to be there for them to teach them if they make a wrong choice. We have to be their safety net and we have to be able to teach them how to avoid making these wrong decisions.

        3. Assign tasks that are achievable.

Make them feel that they are an important part of the household by giving them tasks that are achievable. These things would have to be simple at first then would be increasing in complexity. As your child gets to succeed, challenge them to become better by giving them more complex and challenging tasks which help them to listen and do tasks their own way.

        4. Don’t compare one child with another (especially within their earshot).

We are all guilty of comparing our kids one way or another, one time or another. But this shouldn’t be because we are affecting their confidence. We all have to remember, each child is unique and each child has his own unique set of strengths – we shouldn’t put them in a mold. We have to let them grow naturally, so to speak.

       5. Be selective about how you praise your children.

Remember, children are like natural lie-detectors. They now when you’re fibbing them. Praise them but give them specific things why they are being praised. Instead of saying they are the greatest – make sure that they know why you are praising them – point out the good thing that they did and strengthen it.

        6. Spend quality and quantity time with your children.

These things are among the most difficult to share – time. But if we do want to develop children with great self-esteem we have to be able to spend a good time with them. We have to show them how to act, we are after all their models and they tend to emulate us. We have to spend quantity time with them because time flies so fast and we have to cherish every minute with them as much as possible.

Remember, these tips are suggestions that would help you build your child’s self-esteem. Each child is unique so you have to adapt depending on how your child would react – be sure that you would be able to do so because as we have said, each child is different. We all want them to be able to stand on their own two feet when the time comes.

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  1. Just like in developing the creativity of our kids, it would be best that we show support and enthusiasm to the activities of our children. Whenever my son signs I would really stop singing and would show him that I was really listening. I guess it helped a lot.

  2. Our sincere love for our kids will surely boost their self-esteem. At the mall for example whenever we do our weekend grocery. I would ask them to help me pick some item and would praise them for their simple accomplishments.

  3. I am the number fan of my kids. They may not look pretty ( as they are not mestizas) before the eyes of others but I made them feel that they are the prettiest to me….I made sure to attend all of their school activities to give them all the support that they need.

  4. I grew up with a very poor self-esteem. I was not the pretty girl in school and even our teachers would even mention sometimes who is the prettiest in the class. Of course, she would always refer to our fair-skinned classmates. Perhaps, I also miss being recognized at home..it all affect my self- esteem back then.

    Now I made sure that my kids are well informed about what real beauty is.That helping other person is beautiful; to be polite is beautiful …I guess it helped a lot 🙂 Thank you for this guide. I hope parents would take this seriously.

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