About Abbynture


Abbynture is a word coined by my mother. It came from the words Abby (my name) and Adventure. Why “adventure”? Because despite the process I went through, my family were always excited of how the Lord blessed us and  shown His miracle in my life.

Hello, everyone!

Thank you very much for visiting my page.

My Name is Abby. I just turned 2 years old last December 2016. I was born with a  ventricular septal defect (VSD), or simply put it,  a hole in the heart.

This heart condition was indeed scary for the people who truly loves me because the only solution for my condition was an open heart surgery. Scary, isn’t it?

I was thin (normal for babies with VSD Condition); I was under 2 years then but more than anything else, my family has the difficulty of raising funds for my operation.

Just for you to know, I live in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. In our city, there’s only one Pediatric Heart Surgeon and my parents were advised to really go to Manila (1-hour flight from my City) for my operation.

At my tender age, I was already a jet setter. We’d  been to Manila several times for a series of tests at the  Philippine Heart Center.

Getting to the Philippine Heart Center was very difficult. From the house of my cousin, we have to wake up at around 3 am to reach the place and get a priority number. At the hospital, the lines were endless. Just like me, there are many patients coming from various places around the country simply because the services they need are not available in their locality.

As expected, I  felt weak and sometimes got sick because of the very stressful process. But my parents never gave up on me. Prayers, prayers… never ending prayers and enormous faith were the only weapons our family has.

Until one day my mother got across the Save the Little Hearts Foundation. The foundation’s goal is to extend support to Filipino children with congenital heart defects (CHD) by giving them free surgery either in the Philippines or in Kerala, India within the DM Healthcare network.

Finally, I went to Kerala, India last August 2016 and was successfully operated by the skillful hand of the surgeons at  Aster Medcity in Kochi, India.



Why do we have this blog?

Our goal is to inspire parents with children having congenital defects. My parents are very much willing to share their experiences with others who need someone to talk to.

As we go along, we will be writing about my story  (before and after my surgery) hoping to inspire others going through a problem similar to what we went through.

So, if you have questions, just post a comment below. My mother will surely be willing to answer your queries to the best of her abilities.

As of this writing, I am already allowed by my pediatrician to do all the activities I want. Isn’t it amazing?

My endless thanks to our family friends, my Doctors, Sav e the Little Heart’s Foundation and to all the people who showered me their unconditional love.

Thank you also to my Tito Ed Joven for hosting this site and my Manong Jessan for administering this site.

I heart you all 🙂