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Entering into the realm of motherhood indeed is the noblest task, yet is the greatest among all challenges a woman could ever be facing. With the thorough responsibilities affixed with it, in which demands more than one have ever expected- unpreparedness serves like an immortal sin– in which a mother must never commit.

Awareness and full understanding of the needed whats and hows must be strictly adhered unto. Nonetheless, utmost if it is your first newborn, ‘it is the best that you want for your baby right?’

Therefore, let’s deal with the four main vital aspects: baby care, health, feeding, and safety, a mother should be well knowledgeable about- let’s now dive in into the expertise in the field namely, motherhood.

baby care

One of the first ‘must-know’ and the most crucial phase of having a newborn baby is the need to be informed how a baby care should be done. The mere fact denoted by the norm expectation that states, ‘this task requires an extra gentleness and maximum level of cautiousness’ are just the starting point of the longest route of the woman’s journey in life.

The General Reminder: Seek Assistance- no need to ‘solo flight’

“These burdens that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb”

Despite the difficulty being a mother is attached with, we can simply ease the chores by seeking help from those people who have already been there- and they’re all around. Relatives and friends are just an approach away. Go and gain benefit from their experiences.

Also, always bear in mind that you do not have to suffer from the burden of duties having everything done starting off from scratch. Even from the hospital where you’ve given your childbirth, assistance is within reach. Most of them have their own specialists and consultants for your needs- receive the essential advice and reminders.

baby care
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Baby Care Tips: Remember the 3C’s.

Carefulness. Cautiousness. Cleanliness.  Here goes our 3C’s for you, moms!

Carefulness– When handling the baby, remember that fragileness is a great deal. Back, neck and head part should well be given a support every time the baby is in your arms.

Cautiousness– ALWAYS BE GENTLE. Whether you’re carrying the baby, transferring places, or shifting positions, see to it utmost that comfortability and tenderness are always present.

Cleanliness– Vulnerability to sickness due to their on-development immune system is the very reason why sanitation whenever being in contact with them is indeed a high-priority.

These 3C’s must be highly considered within the following acts of baby care:

When changing diapers…

Whatever you do- keep an eye on your baby. For that matter, be sure that supplies needed especially when changing diapers (which happens oftentimes) are all within reach, so you won’t need to hold off the security of your baby.

Have the diapers changed after any bowel movements in order to prevent unnecessary skin conditions. Also, before using any soap, be mindful of its content, go for the hypoallergenic and mild ones.

When bathing…

When bathing, rhythmically do pouring of water on your baby’s body so cold would be avoided. After that, always wrap your baby in a towel right after, with heads covered of course. Lastly, for safety, as always have been said- never leave your newborn alone.

baby care

When bonding…

The way you bond with your baby, especially at infancy largely contributes to the development of the various attributes of your child. That’s why gentleness in every ‘skin-to-skin’ contact should be well observed.

Remember too, that babies are highly sensitive to diverse of things such as on lights, sounds, or even at a touch. Keep your watch as how your baby responds to these things, and of course, act accordingly unto it.

baby care
By Jonathan Wilkins (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
 Baby Health and Feeding Tips:

Following are things that should be well observed whenever feeding your baby and in order to assess whether the health of your baby’s at its best.

So, how often your baby should be fed? There’s no maximum number of feeds a day when you’re demand-feeding in the early days and weeks. The more your baby feeds, the more milk your breasts will be stimulated to produce.

There’s really no limiting number of how much a baby should be fed within the day, but it is estimated that within the first two months, you should nurse your baby 7-9 times per day. This is because generally, your baby’s on craving starting from 1½ until 3 hours.

Afterward, your newborn should be fed as to when they would seem hungry (probably fewer times than the first two months) so be watchful for signs such as crying, sucking, or giving sucking noises.

How to know if your baby is getting enough? Well, this shouldn’t be attributed as a problem. Basically, you just need to see to it that your baby’s looks show a healthy color possesses a firm skin, the baby is getting three wet nappies for the first two days and at least six wet nappies for the further days. Your baby’s wee moreover, should be pale and contains no foul odor.

What’s burping? Hearing about babies being gassy? Well, that’s what we call the ‘gastroesophageal reflux’, or commonly being fussy whenever being fed.  The solution is simple so worries off, do burping within each ounce on bottle-feeding or every 5 minutes during breastfeeding.

baby care
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Baby Safety Tips:

These are top safety tips in which are often neglected by most of the moms out there- be sure you’re not included on the said!

Whenever the baby is sleeping, be mindful that what’s on the crib should be a firm and comfy mattress covered by a clean sheet. Any unnecessary materials should be instantly removed.

Place the baby’s crib away from any possible falling furniture; also keep the crib’s place away from the windows.

To avoid strangling, avoid placing any cords, or any possible cloth, around wherever your baby is placed.

As have been stated, for the nth time- never ever leave your baby alone. Always bring your little kid with you or within your reach for any unexpected cases.

Be cautious wherever you’re placing your baby- all the materials around.

After all, within all the stated, these things are still inadequate to put the task of being a mother in a nutshell. Motherhood is a journey wherein most of the classified actions are standardized, there is still a diversity of action that could be taken, nonetheless, all leads to what would benefit our baby the most.

And I think that’s what peaks on top of the innumerable tips a mother could have whenever motherhood is on the table, and that’s- to keep in mind that whatever she is giving to her baby, it should always aspire to be in its best form… and combined with the right knowledge, everything will follow.

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