As what I have mentioned in my first few posts, Abby was born a congenital heart problem. So, at home, it is made sure that is being fed well with nutritious and carefully chosen food. Part of her diet even in her first year were fruits. In the Philippines, many tropical can be bought from the market at a very affordable price.

One of her early favorites then were grapes. So we made sure that grapes are always on our shopping list for her fruits. Unfortunately, grapes are not grown in our place. With the news of using some potentially hazardous chemicals used in some agricultural harvests, we opted to concentrate more on the locally grown products especially fruits and vegetables. Whenever possible we made sure to use our own harvest from our small backyard or some organically produced fruits and vegetables. One of the most abundant fruit in our locality are bananas. Cheap, nutritious and easily accessible anytime. Abby loves bananas a lot. Probably because she is seeing these fruits on our table all the time.

We grow bananas in our own backyard. These are organically produced with no chemical and artificial fertilizers.

Bananas are a highly nutritious energy-packed fruit. Bananas contain manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C, fiber, potassium, iron, vitamin A, biotin, and other nutrients. It is a low-fat food. Glucose, fructose, and sucrose are the natural sugars present in bananas which boost energy. Your child can be highly benefited from this fruit. Bananas are very sweet and creamy fruit and they are available throughout the year. As they ripe, the bananas become sweeter and softer.

Bananas Health Benefits for Kids

1. Banana is an Energy Giving Food

When I was still doing cycling, I would normally bring 1 or 2 bananas with me. Yes, it is a sports food. Bananas have carbohydrates and can give one instant energy. Like sports enthusiasts, kids are active buddies.They also get tired and they need the energy to do what they want the whole day.

The inclusion of bananas to your kid’s diet will help them maintain their energy level.

2.Banana is Great for Digestion

 The fiber present in bananas helps in good digestion. The fiber called pectin in bananas are water soluble and can help in proper digestion by converting the carbohydrates into simple sugars that are released. The inclusion of bananas in your child’s meal can regulate their bowel movement thereby avoiding gastrointestinal problems.


3.Banana help Build Strong Bones and Better Eyesight

Bananas have Vitamin A which is good for eyesight. It also shields the retina of your eyes from any diseases. Most importantly, bananas are fortified with Potassium. Potassium in Bananas can neutralize the sodium that may be present in your child’s food which will make their young bones stronger.

4.Banana Prevent Anaemia

Bananas are rich in iron essential in the production of the red blood cells, it also has folic acid, vitamin B12, nd copper which are necessary in producing haemoglobin.

Iron deficiency may lead to anemia. Inclusion of Bananas in your child’s diet may help in preventing your child from getting anaemic.

5.Babana Increases Brain Power

 Many literatures illustrates that  banana is a good brain food. Bananas can also enhance the concentration power of your child.

How to introduce Banana

You can introduce banana to your child’s diet at the very early stage. As your child grows, you can also be creative in serving this by doing shakes, fritters, banana cake, serving with their cereals and a lot more.


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  1. Thank you for this informative blog. I’m impressed that you grow bananas in your garden! That is amazing.

  2. Do you make banana bread or banana pancakes? Also good for a smoothie! I have not heard of growing bananas in your backyard! That is pretty cool!

  3. Banana is one of my favorite fruit – There so much benefits like what you mention on your post and there are also alternative ways to incorporate banana and introduce it to our young ones.

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