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One of the strangest things I’ve ever heard is that breastfeeding greatly affects the IQ of a child– I mean, that would be a really long way off for relativity; how could a mother’s milk dictate the future intelligence of her kid? I’ve thought it was all a myth and a form of poorly created propaganda… and then I’ve come to learn these things I’m about to share with you today.

‘Breastfeeding is better than any milk substitute for infants’, a statement in which we often hear as we watch different advertisements of milk for babies. But beyond those entire repeated reminders, what could really be the reason behind?

Being an expectant mother, it is a very notable stage to decide whether if you would be into breastfeeding your baby or go for alternatives. With different factors concerned such as weighing both the risks and hassles of your lifestyle including medical situations and comfort levels- we often stumble to adhere to the truth that breastfeeding is more than just ‘milk’. Breastfeeding indeed carries innumerable benefits you’d all wish for your baby to have- and to help you with your decision and the future betterment of your beloved baby, here’s a countdown of the 10 most vital reasons you should greatly consider why you should give your infant the chance to indulge with the inevitably great essence your milk can bring.

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The 10 Big Breastfeeding Benefits  (Medical, Nourishment, Psychosocial and Psychological)



Medical Benefits of Breastfeeding

  1. Conquers Common Illnesses

Your breast milk possesses the needed antibodies in which gives your baby the ability to combat bacteria and viruses that usually causes common childhood diseases alike diarrhea and ear infections (acute otitis media).

One most common antibody produced by your breast milk that fights off the said illnesses is immunoglobulin A (IgA), an antibody caused in bond with mucosal membranes, which is considered greater than the entire other types of antibodies combined.

So, if ever your baby is allergic, your breastfeeding utmost, is absolutely a great factor you must definitely deal with. Through the breast milk’s immunological mileage, your baby tends to be less likely to be affected by various infections.

Overall, it is essential aspect that we should understand that the longer time of breastfeeding there will be, greater protective effects then would be imparted to your baby.

  1. Evades a Fatal Infancy’s Death Terror- SIDS

Have you ever heard about sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)? SIDS is also defined as the ‘crib death’, an inexplicable death in which occurs to child 12 months or younger, generally happens during a child’s sleep.

SIDS with its unexplainable cause definitely builds terror within parents, especially you, a mother.

But do you know that it have been discovered that infants who are breastfed are more than half less likely to die from SIDS compared with those who haven’t received breast milk after all?

Breast milk being proven to be preventative against SIDS is considerably an additional significance in which qualifies the benchmarks you have for your baby’s life.

  1. Beat the Diseases Down!

Children who have spent their infancy on breastfeeding are found out to have a greater defense against few comparatively rare yet are considered as serious illnesses.

Included in these diseases are severe lower respiratory infections, asthma, childhood leukemia, type 1 and 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and even Hodgkin disease.

  1. Drives Tummy Bugs Away

Human milk also has the ability to build good bacteria in the digestive track of the baby, the foundation in which protects the baby against various forms of harmful bacteria- and have the baby’s growth efficiently well.

Relatively connected to the antibodies- is another reason in which portrays the gap how breastfeeding is useful even beneath medical issues towards nourishment.

           6. Diminishes Sicknesses

With the right composition of electrolytes (essential constituents of a human system) combined with the right amount of ‘on-call-to-control’ types of immunity boosters, your baby when facing sickness- or even simply if the baby is experiencing pain and even fright, your breast milk is all that’s needed.

Your milk is already accommodated with just the right components that could instantly mend whatever the issue your baby is currently dealing with.

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  1. Destroys Chance of Obesity

The prevalence of obesity in children is one of the most alarming issues public health has on the list. What makes obesity dangerous is that obesity in childhood causes one to inevitably battle with life-threatening diseases such as diabetes and other cardiovascular illnesses for over a younger age than the normal.

Obesity, on the other hand, is largely preventable, and one of the earliest- and also the easiest way to prevent it, is to have the baby rather than being formula-fed, to be breastfed.

Obesity calls for attention even at infancy should be dealt with, thus, acknowledging again- how important breastfeeding really is.

  1. Serves as the ‘Perfect’ Food.

With the aim to give your baby the best nourishment as possible, know that your breast milk indeed is an ‘all-in-one nutrient packed’ food- greatest of which among all inventions.

Your produced colostrum, at the beginning of the pregnancy until pre-breastfeeding days, indeed on an ideal amount as needed with its absolute concentration, undeniably is the best for baby’s nourishment within its first few days of life.

  1. Formulated Specifically For Your Baby

One most notable difference within formulated and breast milk is that the latter one somehow ‘adapts’ its own way of benefiting the infant thru its ‘all-in’ composition, giving the nutrient the baby is currently in need with. This is basically because the composition of formulated milk is fixed- unlike the human’ of which is specific and is armed with multitudinous of fallback preparations for different situations, having it remarkably treated as the best milk utmost during infancy.

That’s why breastfeeding even on formulated milk advertisements- is still the normative model of what is the ‘best’. It is also the indispensable reference of the creation of all the baby’s milk on the market.


  1. Establishes Inimitable Bond

Beyond all the ever-crucial and truly ‘health-lucrative’ benefits that nursing your baby is attached with, there’s this another reason why mother are greatly attracted with the gift of breastfeeding- breastfeeding builds a notable bond.

When doing breastfeed, one of the most commendable effects it is bound with.  is that as it provides numerous health advantages with the baby, it also develops matchless closeness, assurance, and security.

Development in which is highly imperative for the further growth of the baby- and within growing (rapidness) itself.


Abby and her mother


  1. Feeds the Brain.

Alas! Save the best for the last!

Personally speaking, this is the best advantage why having your babies be breastfed is a must. For an indeed fortunate chance, intelligence isn’t just about the DNA anymore. Even with your baby already formed, you still can do something about it- as early as during the infancy! And that’s by simply doing breastfeeding.

For over various studies, it has been proven that infancy breastfeeding and linguistic comprehension possesses a significant relationship. Other than that, breastfeeding also denotes an imperative effect on even nonverbal IQ, utmost observed under starting school years.

Children’s IQ, also, considering on both fields said, is proven to increase as breastfeeding length differs within an additive timespan of a month.

Breast milk, moreover, contains a naturally occurring carboxylic acid, which then is considerably inherent for the growth of the baby’s brain.

Do the ‘smart’ choice, do breastfeeding!

Your breast is the best mothering tool in this whole word, counting all the already formulated substitutes, still breastfeeding goes on top. So, within the ever beneficial things breast milk can bring, I hope there’s just one statement that is vital for you to be reminded about,

“Don’t let the ‘big 10 Breastfeeding Benefits ’ be missed by your baby!”

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