Abby was invited to act as a flower girl for her Uncle’s wedding. Of course, everyone in the family was excited for her.

The excitement started from planning on what she will be wearing: the fabric, the style, comfort (of course) and on how she will behave on the day of the wedding.

While Abby is just 2 years old, obviously she loves to dress up. Each time she is dressed to attend church during Sundays or received beautiful dresses from friends, she would readily show her amazement and would normally utter her favorite line, Wow!

I guess everyone with little ones is actually excited each time their little ones are engaged as flower girls or as ring bearers. Or should I say, they are even more excited than the kids?The kids in the first place don’t know the importance of their engagement.

The Wedding and Abby’s “First” as a Flower Girl

The wedding started at around 3 Pm and that was her sleeping time. To cut the long story, she was not able to walk down the aisle. Instead, it was her mom walking while carrying her as she doesn’t want to walk at the ceremony.

Actually, only one flower girl walk during the wedding while the other girls were all carried by their mothers.

Fortunately, all the girls behave for the picture taking.

Lessons Learned

While pondering upon Abby’s performance as a Flower Girl, It made me think of how to make the little ones behave for a very important ceremony like a wedding. Of course, any Bride or Groom would really love seeing their wedding on the video with all the participants acting well during the ceremony.

Obviously little kids no matter how cute they maybe can really be as unpredictable at times. Hence a  careful planning or preparation can at least minimize some troubles in the future.

Abby fitted her flower girl gown weeks before the wedding…and she loves it!

Tips on How to Make Your Flower Girl or Behave During the Ceremony

Here’re some Tips on How to Make Your Flower Girl’s or Ring Bearer’s trip down the aisle will be more exciting and picture perfect:

For the Parents

  1. Give your kid a pre-ceremony nap so that they will be awake during the wedding ceremony. You should realize that your little one will be having a cute role in the wedding. If they walk well during the ceremony it will surely look great for the video and photographs.   Of course, you should make sure that they are not hungry during the ceremony. Do not overfeed them as well – for you know what will happen next.
  2. Let them wear the dress few weeks before the wedding day. A dress rehearsal at home especially on how they should behave in front of the camera will surely be a big help. Abby, for example, is already conscious when she sees someone pointing a camera at her. Of course, we would show her immediately the digital pics to let her know that she should behave during photo sessions.
  3. It would be great to know what song will be played during professional. Let your little one practice walking with the music at home. This normally works, when the kids would hear the song during the ceremony, they would know that they will walk down the aisle.
  1. Another trick to make your little one behave during the wedding ceremony is to bribe them. Tell them that a gift is waiting for them at the end of the aisle. They need some motivation of course. Just make sure to be ready with your reward of course.
  2. Don’t forget to give your kid so many praises of how cute they are in their outfit. It will surely boost their self-confidence.
  3. Dress up your Kids at the Last Minute. Kids won’t care it their clothes will get dirty. Dress them up as close to the wedding ceremony as possible. If they would want to eat while having their outfit, make sure that these food are not messy and can stain their attire.



 For the Wedding Coordinator and Bride /Groom

  1. Giving Kids something to do during the ceremony will surely keep them busy and will make them special and important. The task may include tossing some petals, carrying a sign or even just waving a wand.
  2. Allowing little girls to walk as a group will make them feel comfortable as well.
  3. Try to integrate a stuffed toy in their basket or make it part of their overall outfit. They surely feel comfortable if they have something to play during the ceremony.
  4. If the little girls refuse to wear her hair wreath, don’t force her.
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  1. Such a pretty girl I love the color of her flower girl dress. I am actually a floral designer and I love the color story very unique.

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