Home Safety Tips for Kids While Playing

Home Safety Tips for Kids While Playing

Home Safety Tips for Kids while Playing

Based on a study, home accidents can result to about 20,000 children deaths or 21 million medical visits each year. It has become the big source of accidental death for children. Since the home is where your child is staying most of his childhood, it is very important that parents should know how to keep them safe every minute of any day.

Here are some tips to help you prevent bad things to happen while your child is playing:

  • Do not leave them alone while playing during bath time

Bath time is more fun for toddlers if you let them play with water for a minute or two but do not try to leave them as they can be drowned in just a second.

  • Always keep chemicals away from children

Children tend to roam around the house and open every cabinet that they may see while playing. Make sure to keep cleaning materials and sharp objects above and out of their reach and sight.

Home Safety Tips for Kids While Playing

  • Protect children to electrical shocks

Children are always curious about everything and electrical outlets are not an exemption for this. Cover any unused or damaged electrical sockets.

  • Do not let children play with small objects

Make sure that your children’s toys don’t have any small objects on it. Kids tend to eat everything they can see and these small objects can make your children choke and make breathing hard.

  • Keep them safe with your family pet

Do not let them play with the family pet alone.

  • Prevent your child on coming up or going down the stairs alone

Put any safety and improvised gates on both parts of the stairs to block your kids from going there; hence preventing them to fall from it.

  • Choose safe and age appropriate toys

Always check the lead content and consider your child’s age while purchasing a toy. You wouldn’t want your children to be exposed to lots of chemicals while playing. Make sure to read safety instructions as well.

Home Safety Tips for Kids While Playing

  • Prevent them from playing with things that can make them suffocate

Bags, boxes, cords, and soft toys can make them suffocated so always keep an eye on these.

  • Do not put toys and other stuff on a high area where your children can see them

This may tempt your children to climb and reach for the objects they saw.

  • Lock firearms in a safe place

If you have any firearms at home, make sure to put it in a safe place to avoid any serious incidents to happen. Children are really curious and they will not understand the difference between a real and toy gun.

Home Safety Tips for Kids While Playing


  • Always clean up all the toys after play time

Keep all toys in a container and always double check every corner of the play area. Scattered toys that are unnoticed can cause small injuries like slipping.

Toddlers are the age where your children get curious about the environment and it’s the time where they are having fun while learning and exploring. So always keep an eye on them to make sure that any kind of accident will not happen.

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  1. These are great tips. Indeed there are many things to consider even if your kids are just playing at home. I tried to make our home as safe as possible and yet at times there are things that we still miss. This is a great reminder. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I just need to make our house as safe as possible because I don’t have any helper and I am always busy doing all the household chores in the house.

  3. Love the tips. Really thanks for sharing.
    Keep it up.

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