Things to Remember If You Bring Your Kids to Public Resort

Things to Remember If You Bring Your Kids to Public Resort

Heat can be really stressful that is why many families love to go to public resorts for just a quick swim and simple vacation. Though a lot of families nowadays have an inflatable pool at home, it’s still nothing compared to a real swimming pool. For families who have kids, parents have a lot of hesitations and questions in mind like what things to pack and what to do and not.

This might be easier than you think because all you have to do is to be prepared and knowledgeable of the simple yet important things. Here are some things to remember if you are about to beat that heat away.


  • Always put sunscreen on your kids and bring any hat and sunglasses for their skin and eyes protection.
  • Shower your kids before and after swimming. Showering your kids before swimming removes any bacteria that your kids might have; on the other hand, showering them after swimming will remove the harsh chemicals of a public pool.
  • Let your kids wear swimming diapers especially if they are not potty trained.
  • Keep the water at a shoulder level of your kids since letting most of their body out of the water can make them feel cold easily.
  • Keep an eye with your kids all the time, whether in and out of the pool. When inside the pool, always keep them at a hand’s reach. A lot of drowning incidents are mostly due to irresponsible supervision.
  • Do take note and follow the rules and regulations of the resort.
  • Make sure to know how to give first-aid, most especially CPR.
  • Keep your phone within reach in case of an emergency.


  • Do not bring your kids in public pools if they have any infectious disease or sickness. Germs can spread fast in the water and you wouldn’t want other kids to get infected just because of your little ones.
  • Do not bring them immediately to the pool if they just ate. Wait for about an hour before taking them on.
  • Do not let them stay under the sun for too long as kids have very sensitive skin and can burn out really quickly. The normal time that you can spend in the pool with your kids is just 10 to 15 minutes at first.
  • Do not change diapers around or near the pool area.
  • Do not let them go into the water without you or any adult that you trust to.
  • Do not get distracted with chatting and other stuff as your focus should only be with your kids, especially in the water.
  • Do not rely on the lifeguards all the time. Your kids are just one of their many responsibilities.
  • Do not drink alcohol.
    Be careful with slippery floors.


  • Kids less than one-year-old are not safe in public pools due to their sensitive skin that might get irritated and the lack of coordination in water.
  • Prepare to bring swimming diapers, floating stuff, sun protection and bath paraphernalia, proper swimming attire, towel with hood or a bathrobe, and toys to play within the pool. Also bring snacks, drinks, and milk even if the resort doesn’t allow outside food because they sometimes allow baby snacks inside.
  • Check first the water temperature if it’s not too cold or not too hot.

These are just simple things to remember that parents sometimes neglect. Let your kids experience this perfect weekend getaway with you and the whole family.

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  1. yes, safety must be a primary concern. Of course, we adults would also want to enjoy, but let’s make sure that our kids are properly taken cared off.

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